Ugly duckling and preschool lesson plans

The ugly duckling and preschool lesson plans can go hand in hand. There are many useful lessons that children can learn from this classic fairy tale. This article will explain to teachers how they can use this story to teach a variety of lessons. It will also highlight some wonderful activities that preschool children will love.

ugly duckling and preschool lesson plansThe Ugly Ducking is a classic story that many generations of people have loved. The story is about a duckling that was laughed at because he looked different then the other baby ducks. When the duck grew up he realized that he was not a duck at all, but was a beautiful swan. This story can be used to teach children that they should not bully others because of how they look. It also shows that people can look different from them and still be beautiful.

Before reading the story aloud to your class, review some of the words that they will hear through out the story. This will help them improve their vocabulary while making sure they understand all of the words they will hear. Some words to review ahead of time: duck, pond, swan, different, unique, environment and beautiful.

After reading the story, discuss some of the main points with your class. This will help them develop their creative thinking skills and give you an idea of how each child perceived the story. If you tell the children, some of the points that you will be discussing ahead of time, it will cause them to listen more closely to the storey so that they can participate and be able to answer your questions. Some points to discuss: Why did the others tease the duckling, how did that make the ducking feel and what did everyone think when he turned into a swan?

There are several ways you can include your class while you are reading the story to them. Stop during different parts of the story and review what has happened so far, and ask them what they think will happen next? You could also have the children fill in the predictable words or rhymes in the story. When you come upon one of the reviewed vocabulary words, stop and quiz the children about what they learned about the word ahead of time. Including them in the story telling will help them develop their listening skills as well as their creative thinking skills.

When you have finished reading and discussing the story, have each child draw a picture of his or her favorite part. Help him or her label what is going on in the picture. You can then place all of the children’s pictures into one large book that they can keep in the classroom and look at when they have free time.

Parents and teachers can find many other resources online. You can find printable coloring pages to go along with the story as well. Print and have each child color a different picture for each part of the story. Place all of the pictures into a storybook for them to read during free time.

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