Preschool safety lesson plans

Teaching preschool safety lesson plans requires teachers to organize a lot of information into short and simple lessons. You must teach a child about safety in many areas. However, you do not want to overwhelm or confuse them with all of the information at one time. This article will highlight the different categories to teach children about when focusing on safety.

preschool safety lesson plansUnbelievably hygiene is a very important lesson to teach children about when learning about safety. You might be questioning how hygiene relates to safety. The answer is simple, if a child has poor hygiene they could get very sick. This is why bad hygiene habits can be unsafe for themselves and other people. Subjects to cover when teaching about hygiene are bathing regularly, washing hands correctly and frequently brushing their teeth everyday.

Disease prevention is an important lesson that you can incorporated into your hygiene lesson plan. You can teach children the importance of body fluid safety. Teach them how crucial it is to cover their mouth and nose when they sneeze or cough. Help them understand how disease spreads when you do not cover your mouth.

It is important to instill healthy eating habits and basic fitness into a child’s life at a young age. The younger they learn these two very important things, the better the chance that they will practice these behaviors throughout their lives. Focus on the fun aspect of running and playing outdoors. Teach children that they can make fruits and vegetables taste just as yummy as chocolate, and live a much healthier life.

You should stress the danger of talking to strangers many times throughout a child’s preschool year. Returning to this subject many times will repetitively teach them how dangerous it can be to talk to strangers. It is important that you do not get to graphic when teaching them about stranger safety. This is a good time to practice remembering their phone numbers and addresses. You can also focus on who a child could safely approach if they were ever lost or in need of help.

While this is an uncomfortable subject for many people, teaching children the right and wrong way to touch or be touched is very important. You should consult with parents before introducing this lesson plan to the children. Ask for parents input or how they think the subject could be taught. Parents might decide to keep their children home on these days so they will not be exposed to this. Others might think it is a great idea and might want to be present when it is being taught. Provide both of these options to parents when discussing this subject.

Basic safety can be taught all year long. Point out unsafe situations in books that you are reading to your children. If you see a child practicing safe behavior in the classroom, praise them for it and explain why they were being safe. This is such an important topic because everyone wants his or her children to remain safe!

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