Preschool lesson plans with worms

If you are creating preschool lesson plans with worms being the center of the lesson then this is a great activity for you to use. You might have heard of an ant farm, but have you ever heard of a worm farm? It is a great alternative to an ant farm because it does not pose the risk of breaking and allowing ants to escape into your classroom. This article will explain how to build a worm farm for your preschool children to watch and learn about.

Preschool lesson plans with wormsThis activity will help your preschool children learn several things about worms. They will learn where worms live, what they eat and how worms can have a positive effect on the environment. Worms are good for the earth because they help in the natural recycling process.

If you have decided to build a worm farm with your class, there are a few things you will need. The supplies you decide to use will depend on how long you plan to keep your worm farm. You will need a plastic or glass container of some kind to put the worm into; it needs to be clear so that they children can see the worms inside. You can use an aquarium if you plan to keep them for quite a long time or a plastic soda bottle if you plan to let them go quickly.

Once you have decided what you are going to keep them in, you will need to get worms. You can either find them with your class or buy them from a bait store.

You can find them on your own if you have a garden as well. The best place to find worms is in a garden of some kind or under rocks.

When you have your container and your worms, you will need dirt for them to live in. Make sure that it is gardening soil and not potting soil. It needs to be something that they would naturally live in in the wild. The best thing to use is dirt from where you found the worms. If you bought them, try to find someone who has a garden that will donate some dirt to your class.

Building your farm will be easy, simply put the dirt and the worms into the container that you are using. Add some food compost such as eggs shells or apple cores. Cover the container so that it is dark inside for the worms. Wait a few hours and check on the worm farm. Show the children how the worms are already starting to make tunnels into the ground.

Within a few days, they should clearly be able to see many different tunnels that the worms have made. They will also notice that the food compost is being recycles back into the earth. Have the children keep an observation journal. Make sure to keep the soil moist but not to wet. Your children will love being able to check on their new little pets and observing them in their natural environment.

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