Preschool lesson plans + apple

Preschool lesson plans + apple themes can be fun to teach children about during the fall season. There are many things that children can learn about apples, and many activities that involve apples. This article will highlight some ideas that you can incorporate into your apple themed lesson plans.

Preschool lesson plans + appleTeach your class about the many things apples are associated with. The first day of school, a new teachers and autumn are all things that can be associated with apples. Bring in different types of apples for your class to experience. Allow them to hold the apples and explore their different shapes and colors. You can ask the children to draw pictures of the different types as well. Cut the apples into small pieces so that each child can try each apple. Before letting them taste the apple have them guess what it will taste like based on how it smells and looks. Some apples are more sour then others; see if they can guess which ones will taste which way.

Read the story of Johnny Appleseed to your class, and then discuss the ways that Johnny had helped people by planting apples. You can cut an apple in half and show the children the seeds inside. Ask the class if any of them have apple trees near their houses or if they have ever seen an apple orchard. Allow them to explain what an apple tree looks like and if they have been to an orchard.

Ten Apples Up On Top, is a great book that can be used in your apple theme. You can practice counting with your class while you read this book. Have them count the apples that are on top of the characters heads. When you have finished reading and discussing the book, have each child draw a picture of themselves with ten apples on top of their head.

This apple bird feeder is a great craft to make, especially if you live in an area with lots of birds. Provide children with an apple for snack time and allow them to eat it down to the core. If they do not want to eat it, help them cut the apple down to the core. Roll the apple core in peanut butter and then dip into birdseed. Tie a piece of yard to the stem and hang the finished project outside of a window. This will provide children with the opportunity to watch as birds eat the yummy treats that they have made.

There are many other activities that you can find online to do during your apple themed lesson plan. You can find printable coloring pages online as well. Have the children draw different pictures of apples. You could have them draw an apple tree with apples on it or a bowl of fruit with apples in it. For a field trip, you could take the children to a local apple orchard and show them how apples look while they are growing on the trees. Some orchards will even explain to children how apples products are made and may provide samples as well.

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