Preschool infant lesson plans

Preschool infant lesson plans are very important for a child’s development. It is essential that you begin teaching your child as early as possible. Learning can start in the womb if you wanted to begin teaching your child that early.

Preschool infant lesson plansThere is a small window of opportunity when an infant learns things very quickly. Parents or teachers can take advantage of this window of time. Begin teaching your child as early as possible to ready them for school. This article will highlight some activities you can do with your infant to stimulate their learning.

Five Little Monkeys - Everyone is familiar with the "Five Little Monkey Song" and now your infant can be too. You can use this with children as young as three months. Your hand movements will stimulate them and it will help them develop a broader vocabulary once they begin to talk. Spread your fingers out and hold your hand away from your babies face. Bounce your hand as you sing the five little money song. During the part where their mother tells them that they cannot jump on the bed any longer, point and shake your finger in a chastising way. Begin the song over again, each time taking away one little monkey. Continue doing this until you have run out of monkeys! This will also teach them counting skills because you will be counting backwards from five to zero.

Babies Scavenger Hunt - Walk with your child around the yard or a park and point out different things along the way. Make sure you clearly pronounce the name of what you are pointing too. You might want to use "baby talk" to your child while doing this, but studies have shown that children who have been talked to in normal adult tones learn faster then children who have been talked to as babies. This does not have to be done only outdoors. You can walk around your house pointing to things and telling your child what their names are. This will help your baby develop a larger vocabulary when they begin talking. They will remember the names of things that you have pointed out to them numerous times. You can begin doing this with children as young as four months. This will only work if you do it many times, as you cannot just do this once and expect your child to remember all the things you pointed out.

If You’re Happy - The classic song "If your happy and you know it" can be sung to infants to help them develop their emotions. It teaches them how each emotion has a physical reaction such as smiling or crying. Make thing more stimulating for your child by making faces to go with each emotion. This can be done with children as young as five months.

There are many activities you can use, to stimulate your infants development. Teaching them to hold things, walk, crawl or point to things are all great ideas as well. You can find more ideas online as well as many great books and movies to use as resources.

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