Preschool black history activities

Teachers can use preschool black history activities during black history month. It is important to teach young children about the history of their country and the history of other cultures. It will teach them to respect other cultures and the hardships they have encountered.

Preschool black history activitiesUnfortunately, you should consult with parents before doing these activities because many parents might have their own personal beliefs about this subject.

Give them the opportunity to express their ideas about how you should teach this subject to their children. This article will give teachers ideas about activities, and people that they can use for this topic.

Sarah Walker is a great person to introduce children to during black history month. She was an amazing African American inventor whose inventions included the pressing comb. While teaching your preschool class about this woman you can use this activity. Transform your classroom into a beauty salon. Allow children to bring in some of their dolls, with their parents permission. You can then allow them to style their dolls hair.

Martin Luther King is a terrific person to highlight during black history month. Teach the children about this man, and the dream he had expressed his dream to the world. Give each child a piece of construction paper and ask them to draw a picture depicting a dream that they would like to see come true. It will be interesting for teachers to see the various things that young children will think of. Help the children write a short sentence explaining their picture. Turn all of the pictures face down on the floor and tape them together. You will end up with a "dream quilt" that you can hang on the wall of your classroom or in the hallway of the school. Everyone will love looking at this especially the children’s parents.

George Washington Carver is another great African American inventor to teach children about. He discovered many uses for peanuts and soybeans. However, he never patented any of his discoveries. Instead, he offered them to the world to use how they would like to. He thought that because god had given everyone these things, he had no right to sell them to other people. When learning about this amazing man, you can do this activity. Help children prepare different peanut butter snacks. You could make peanut butter sandwiches, celery and peanut butter or peanut butter crackers.

It is very important for children to learn about the many African American people who helped the world become what it is today. Without many of these people, we would not be the world that we are now. Black history month offers a great opportunity to teach children about these wonderful and brave people. Many of these people did things that could have gotten them into a lot of trouble during those times. We might still be a separate people instead of one happy nation. Teachers can find many great activities online as well as printable coloring pages.

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