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If you are trying to find Christmas preschool activities, gingerbread man are a great idea for teachers to utilize. There are many terrific ways that you can incorporate gingerbread men into many lesson plans. This article will explain how you can do this, as well as give ideas for activities to use.

Preschool activities gingerbread manThe story about the gingerbread man is a classic, and features many important morals. The more important moral is not to trust strangers.

This is a story about a gingerbread man who escaped being eaten, only to encounter many other dangers in the world. You can find this story online or in many bookstores.

If you are going to read this story to your preschool class, here are some great activities to go along with it.

Before reading the story to the children, ask them what they already know about it. Write down their ideas on the chalkboard or a large white piece of paper. After you have finished reading the story, test their listening skills. Go back to the idea list that you made ahead of time. Ask the children what they can now add to the list of things that they know about the story. They should be able to come up with many more things. You can then discuss all of the ideas and things that happened in the story so that the children will better understand what happened.

If you are equipped with a kitchen area, you could make gingerbread cookies. They are easy to make, and you can find many recipes online. The best part about this activity is that the children can decorate their gingerbread men however they would like to. You might want to do this activity before reading the book. Some of the children might be sensitive to eating it after they had read about how he escaped all of the other animals and people.

If you are going to read the story to the class, you could make puppets first. The children could then act the story out as you read it. Simply create characters from felt or construction paper and attach them to Popsicle sticks. As you read the story, have the children pick up the character that is being read about. This is a great way to teach children how to identify different characters in stories as well as develop listening skills.

Many craft stores offer gingerbread house kits. These can come either in bake able form or in precut foam templates. The templates would be best when using them with a preschool class. Help the children assemble their gingerbread houses. They will be extremely proud of what they have accomplished. This is not necessarily a ginger bread man activity, but could be associated with the gingerbread man. You could pretend that you are making him a nice home to live in.

Many more activities can be found online. Teachers can also find many coloring pages that they can print out for the kids to color while learning about the gingerbread man. This is a fun lesson plan full of morals and learning skills.

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