Fall leaves preschool lesson plans

Autumn is the perfect time to incorporate fall leaves preschool lesson plans into your daily schedule. Many changes occur during this season. Preschool children will start to question why the leaves are changing colors, and falling off the trees. You can help them understand all of this with some of these fun and easy to do activities.

Fall leaves preschool lesson plansCrafts are a great way to keep children entertained while teaching them through hands-on activities. Here are some wonderful craft ideas for fall.

Leaf Buddy - Divide the class into groups of three, and give each group three cups with different color food coloring in them. Allow them to use a paintbrush to drop the colors onto a coffee filter. Once it has dried help them cut up a leaf shaped body. Use felt of construction paper for arms and legs. You should end up with a funny leaf man that they created.

Class Tree - Use pieces of brown construction paper to create a tree trunk on the wall of your classroom. Use red, yellow and orange construction paper to cut out leaves. The leaves should be big enough to write each child’s name. Ask each kid what his or her favorite thing about fall is, and write it on the leaf. Allow the child to pick a spot on the tree trunk, and have them tape their leaf to it. This is a fun creative thinking activity. It also allows the children to learn something new about each other.

Snack time is a mutual favorite among classmates. Here are some snack ideas for fall that you can include in your lesson plan.

Wiggly Leaves - If you have a leaf shaped cookie cutter, you can make jell-o leaves. You can either make them solid colors such as red, yellow and orange or a mixture of colors. If you want to make them several different colors, you will have to layer them. Make one color of jell-o first. Pour into a cake pan or some other type of pan with high sides. Allow that to set in the refrigerator. Continue to do this will the rest of the colors; you can use one color more then once as well. When you cut into the finished product, the layers will be visible.

Kids love to be outdoors and autumn offers many new and exciting things to discover. Their are many ways you can utilize the outdoors in your lesson plan. One way is to add a fun twist to a scavenger hunt, wrap duct tape around each child’s wrist sticky side out. As you walk around outside allow them to pick up items of interest and tape them to their wrist. If you live in an area that has poisonous plants, make sure they do not tape any to themselves! You can also assist the children in raking up piles of leaves for them to jump into. This is a fun way for them to work on motor skills.

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